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Terracotta Garlic Cellar with apple glaze FYCRAKNQL

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  • £11.24
  • £20.47
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Hand made in the UK from English Terracotta with a rustic apple glaze on the upper halfHeight 14cm, Width 12cmDesigned to provide perfect garlic storage conditions in your kitchenShaped like a garlic bulb, this terracotta garlic cellar will keep your garlic cool & fresh, preserving those gorgeous garlic flavours, and restricting light to reduce the likelihood of sprouting.Garlic needs to breathe and allowing good air circulation will extend its shelf life. For this reason our garlic cellar has holes to promote good ventilation.

Garlic storage pot in terracotta with apple varnish.

- Made in the UK from English terracotta with rustic finish lacquer on half the top
- Height 14 cm, width 12 cm.
- Designed to store your garlic cloves in perfect conditions in your kitchen
- This garlic clove terracotta jar will keep your garlic fresh and dry, preserving its delicious taste and limiting light to reduce the chances of germs
- Garlic needs to breathe and good air circulation will prolong its life. This is why the pot has holes to encourage good ventilation.

Terracotta Garlic Cellar with apple glaze FYCRAKNQL

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